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Vital Bracelet Kamen Rider Evolution Guide

Below you will find the charts of each of the Kamen Rider VBM Cards.

Every evolution has its own requirements chart. Once you meet the criteria, your Kamen Rider will evolve. There are 5 different requirements for the vital bracelet: hours, vital points, trophies, battles and win rate.

Vital Bracelet Kamen Rider Guide

Kamen Rider Vital Bracelet Evolution Chart

Each Dim Card has its own requirements, which is why we will be listing every Dim Card related to the Kamen Riders with the requirements to achieve each evolution.

Kamen Rider VBM Card List

There are 9 different Kamen Rider themed Dim Cards:

There has been 4 different volumes (with 2 Dim Cards each) released for these Dim Cards and it looks like they are getting more and more everytime.

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