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Gamer Setup

Find the best picks, components, accesories and recommendations based on our experience so that you can improve your gaming setup at the best price available.

Keypad Picks for Gaming

Keypads are a nice addition to your gamer setup, it will look amazing.

How to pick a gift for a gamer

Picking a gift for a person gets messy sometimes, discover how to make it easy.

Custom space bar for your keyboard

A keyboard deserves a nice customization to improve your gamer setup.

Keycap Picks to customize your keyboard

Even these small pieces make a huge difference for any gamer setup.

Best Mouse for Big Hands Gamers

Comfort, precision and speed are a must when picking a mouse.

Best Headset Brands Ranked

Considering the brand is key for any product, specially headsets.

Mobile Gaming Gadgets

Mobile games might be dificult, but they get easy with this setup.

We are constantly updating with the most recent components in the market and also trying to find the different categories of each, so that we find the right fit for you.

Next Steps to Complete your gaming setup

Here are all the steps you need to follow in order to complete your setup:

  1. Pickup some lights
  2. Define your furniture
  3. Get background decoration
  4. Use some posters and neon signs

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