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List of the Best Gaming Keycaps

Recently, the gaming industry have been increasing and with that, new things have been created in order to decorate your mouse, room, case and keyboard.

With that in mind, here we are adding a unique game setup element that is not really known by the community according to our investigation: keypads.

Why using keycaps?

Depending on your personality, you might find that keycaps have potential to customize your keyboard in a wa

Our Personal Keypad Recommendation

Unique Retro Style Rounded Keycaps

Why we recommend it?

The reason is because it will make a huge change in your gaming setup. If you look at other keyboards, they may vary in colors, keys and size but this one really stands out with the lights and shapes.

Full Featured Keypads for Game Commands

We all want things to be fast and accesible, for that reason we have here the ones where you can customize and assign specific commands to several keys. Here's the list of with many programmable macro keys:

Name/Link Features
Beastron Aula Excalibur
  • Recognized without drivers
  • Amazing presentation
  • Feels great
RedDragon Keypad K585
  • Detachable Wrist Rest
  • Amazing colors and design
  • Great reviews and star rank
Cakce Ergonomic Keypad
  • Really comfortable
  • Clicking sound is low
Full Featured Keypads

Keypad that goes with white themed setup

We have noticed that there are not that many gamepads with white as primary color. For that reason, we put together a list of white keypads you can find in the market:

Name/Link Features
Koolertron White Colorful
  • Best colors and lights
  • Programmable
Razer Tartarus Keypad
  • Amazing material
  • Has scroll
  • 100% Ergonomic
Magegee Backlit Keypad
  • Really cheap
  • Led light is good
White Keypads for Setup

Recommended brands for keypads

In our experience, we all have had many different keypads in our hands. We tried them out, and spend about 3 months with each. Based on that, we ranked the brands according to the following:

Rank Brand Name Explanation
1 Razer All keypads have a smooth sound and include programmable keys with chroma.
2 RedDragon High quality products with several options to pick. Designs are also good
3 Beastron Offered the best in terms of pricing/features. Not as good in quality and material though.
4 Koolerton A good option but they don't offer as much features.
Recommended brands for keypads

Game Controller Keypad

We all know that sometimes, depending on the game we are playing, it feels awesome to play it with controller. But then what happens is that you don't have access to all the keys that you had with your keyboard.

In order to have extended functionalities in keys, controller keypads were invented. Here are the best keypads for your Xbox or PlayStation controller:

Name/Link Brand Rank
MENEEA with Audio XBox Series X 1
Backlight Green XBox 2
Black Rechargable Play Station 3
Game Controller Keypad
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