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About Us

We provide the best resource for players in different games, like interactive game guides, reviews, specific equipment they can use to build their setup and at the end, become the best center for gamers to get the most valuable information.

Our Mission

Provide the best guidance, help and resources to indie gamers and people interested in game development with our articles, tools and also courses.

Our Vision

We want to become a reference mostly for indie gaming community for guides and also to help new developers start in the journey of creating a new game.

Our Story

How We Started?

We noticed that in the indie game community there are a few guides that might not be the best reference. Also, we wanted to start our own game, but when looking for free resources, we saw that there are limited access or only paid courses with just a few info available.

We wanted to change that and started with the Digital Tamers Reborn game (a guide and a blog). We also reached out the developer and it became the official guide of the game. That is what we want to achieve with other games.

Apart from that, we try also to put all those that have always dreamed with creating a game on track, by providing guidance and provide steps to follow in order to create their own sucessful game.

One day, I really want to get feedback saying that our guides are great and also would see games created by our audience as well.

Cesar Lopez Founnder, CEO

Our Partners

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