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Efficient Vehicles And Useful Devices (Tears Of The Kingdom Guide)

Flying Vehicles

As we said, we want to build really simple and practical devices.

Simplest Vertical Flyer

This will cost you 9 Zonaite to summon.

To build this, you will need:

  • 2 Fans
  • 1 Steering Stick

Simple Wing With Octo Balloon

To build this, you will need:

  • 1 Wing
  • 2 Fans
  • 1 Octo Ballon
  • 1 Steering Stick

How To Build It

This will only cost you 15 Zonaite to summon, and it will take you up enough that you can fly around. This is not heavy so it won't push you down.

Ground Vehicles

Traps And Battle Devices

Launchers And Platforms

Portable Spring

Using Autobuild skill, you will be able to create Springs as you want. What you need to do is simply attach an apple or any small item to a Spring and it will be available in your Autobuild history.

This will require you to use 6 Zonaite, but it's really useful when it comes to jump high or reach a high place when is raining.

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