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Dim Card List for the Vital Bracelet

A Digimon Identified Memory Card (DIM Card) is a card that can be inserted in the Vital Bracelet to unlock a new Digimon (and all the Digimon included in the DIM Card).

Each Dim Card has one or more 'Core Digimon', which is the base one in order to achieve any form. Depending on the evolution you want, you need to follow specific requirements like: amount of trophies, battles, vital points and more. You can view this requirements in our evolution guide.

All Dim Cards

There are 32 different DIM Cards available for the Vital Bracelet. Here are all of them:

DIM Name Released On Digimon Amount Set
Impulse City March 2021 17 Bundled
Ancient Warriors March 2021 17 Bundled
Black Roar March 2021 7 Regular
Shadow Howl March 2021 7 Regular
Agumon EX March 2021 17 EX
Gabumon EX March 2021 17 EX
Blizzard Fang April 2021 17 Vol.
Vol.anic Beat April 2021 17 Vol.
Infinite Tide June 2021 17 Vol.
Titan of Dust June 2021 17 Vol.
Hermit in the Jungle August 2021 17 Vol.
Nu Metal Empire August 2021 17 Vol.
Guilmon Gachapon August 2021 9 GP
Impmon Gachapon August 2021 9 GP
Renamon Gachapon August 2021 9 GP
Monodramon Gachapon August 2021 9 GP
Mad Black Roar September 2021 17 Vol.
True Shadow Howl September 2021 17 Vol.
Dynasty of the Evil September 2021 17 Vol.
Medarot Oct 2021 12 Regular
Gammamon October 2021 13 V
Angoramon December 2021 13 V
Jellymon December 2021 13 V
Primeval Warriors March 2022 17 Bundled
Dinosaur Roar July 2022 16 Bundled
Wolf Howl July 2022 16 Bundled
Agnimon EX September 2022 16 Bundled
Wolfmon EX September 2022 16 EX
Blitzmon EX September 2022 17 EX
Fairimon EX September 2022 17 EX
Louwemon EX September 2022 17 EX
Chackmon EX September 2022 17 EX

Dim Card Set Categories

Each DIM Card can be categorized in sets: Bundled, Vol., EX, V, GP and Regular.

Bundled DIM Cards

These are DIM Cards that were released with a new Vital Bracelet Version. Whenever there was a new version of the Vital Bracelet, a new bundled DIM Card was released with it.

Vol. Dim Cards

DIM Cards that are just related to a specific Volume. They usually have "Vol." in their names.

EX Dim Cards

V Dim Cards

GP Dim Cards

Regular Dim Cards

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