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Digimon Survive News and Updates

We are all excited about the game that is coming really soon and we all have waited for years.

Release Date

An official world wide release date is set to be for July 28th 2022. We will be covering guides and reviews about the game overall and we are excited to play and discover every single secret and reference.

Other franchises in the same release date

The problem with that release date is that Xenoblade Chronicle 3 is also published, which might lead in people choosing between Survive or Xenoblade and as far as we have seen so far and numbers, it might be bad for the new Digimon game.

How much time has Digimon Survive been developed?

It's been 4 years since we started to hear that this game was in development.

The problem seems to be that the game has restarted development two times and also the development team has been changed, which might lead in delays and maybe that's why we have been waiting for this game 4 years. It would be tricky to say how much time this game has been developed.

Presale Offer

If you're a Guilmon fan, you should be preordering the game since there's an offer that for any presale you will get a Guilmon as a bonus.

Game Mechanics

Digimon Survive is a survival-tactical RPG with a visual novel included. In our opinion, we feel like the story will be the strong part of the game, since the battle mechanics are already defined and nothing too special. Also another piece that matters, is how our Digimon is going to evolve and get the evolution we want, since overall Digimon usually can evolve into several options but might depend in our relationship with other characters.

Digimon Survive Characters

Human Characters

  • Takuma Momotsuka
  • Aoi Shibuya
  • Minoru Hinata
  • Ryou Tominaga
  • Saki Kimijima
  • Shuuji Kayama
  • Kaito Shinonome
  • Miu Shinonome

Digimon Characters

  • Agumon
  • Labramon
  • Falcomon
  • Kunemon
  • Floramon
  • Lopmon
  • Dracmon
  • Skyakomon

Will survive save the franchise?

As we all know, it's hard to predict if a game would save an entire franchise. Recently the best we have got from them, was the Vital Bracelet, but they made the biggest Digimon event this year and was a huge dissapointment. After that, the audience has not expected too much in terms of games, because this has been delayed so much time that the game has too much pressure.

How the franchise is right now

As far as we know, we have the Ghost Game anime and the Vital Bracelet. Both are really good at the moment, and seems like the franchise is raising once again. Before that, the anime was really bad and to be honest in terms of games, we had a huge gap of time where we didn't have any game available to play.

How can survive change this?

Maybe in the future we can get a game that actually engages people and defines a new path to for the franchise in terms of games. This puts a lot of pressure only in a game that is already delayed, but hopefully we get increased content and a better quality game due to these delays.

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