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5 NEW Fornite Collaborations Everyone Wants To Happen

Epic Games is the master of creating collaborations with big brands, companies or idols in Fortnite. This game started this strategy in Season 4 - Chapter 1, and the list of media based skins started to grow: Marvel, Star Wars, Marshmello, Ariana Grande and more are available in the game, with dances, poses, skins and even music!

Fortnite Collaborations Everyone Wants

It's nice to know we can play as those characters in the game. Watching a new season that has all these content, brings us good memories, and the community is aware of this. Based on that, we want to have a future Season that contains one of the series, movies or artist we love, and here are 5 possible collaborations that may happen in the future of Fortnite:

  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    A trailer that has the ninja turtles with all the new skins, would become trending immediatly. These comic based skins have been a rumor for a few months and it seems like it will happen in 2022.

    We have our fingers crossed for this to be leaked information and not someone playing with our hearths. Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo and Michelangelo had been part of our childhood and could be part of the skins roaster of Fortnite.

    Of course, their weapons would be used as pickaxes and emotes like them eating pizza or the iconic Cowabunga will be appreciated by fans.

    Comic Collaboration
  2. Dragon Ball

    With Naruto arriving to Fortnite in 2021, community started to theorize about more anime series collaborating with Epic Games and what better anime than Dragon Ball?

    Even if you don’t like manga or any Japan animation, you had heard of Dragon Ball and you at least know Goku and Vegeta, either because your friends are fan or because you had watched an episode on TV.

    Knowing that it is one of the most popular anime worldwide and that Dragon Ball’s fans are loyal and crazy about it, it would be a success for Epic Games to collaborate with one of the three manga most sold in Japan ever.

    To demonstrate that we really love Dragon Ball, we decided to create an example of cosmetics for each possible skin:

    Skin Bag Bling Pickaxe Glider Emote
    Goku 4-star ball Power Pole Flying Nimbus Kamehameha Pose
    Vegeta Hoi Poi Capsules Z Sword Attack Ball Big Bang Attack Pose
    Future Trunks Sword Sheath Future Trunk’s Sword Time Machine Burning Attack Pose
    Dragon Ball Skins for Fortnite Cosmetics

    Anime Collaboration
  3. The Witcher

    In Fortnite there are many skins based on other games. We can play as Kratos from God of War, the Master Chief from Halo and Marcus Fenix from Gears of War, but we think there is someone missing, and it couldn’t be other than Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher.

    Geralt has fans from the books, the well-known game trilogy and from the recent Netflix series with two seasons available to date.

    Thinking about the cosmetics, Geralt has two swords, so one will be always on his back and the other could be used as the pickaxe, additional cosmetic could be an emote of him doing one of his characteristics signs as Igni.

    Game Collaboration
  4. More of Stranger Things

    We know that Fortnite already collaborated with Stranger Things and Netflix series, but we only received two skins in July 2019. Almost three years has passed and with the Season 4 being streamed we really need more outfits inspirated by the villains and characters from Stranger Things.

    Vecna, Steve, Nancy, Robin or Eleven could be some of the new additions. Other games like Dead by Daylight collaborated recently with new playable characters such as Steve and Nancy, and they look just awesome. Please Epic Games, add more Stranger Things cosmetics and allows us to buy the previous Hopper and Demogorgon skins.

    Series Collaboration
  5. Bad Bunny

    One of the most famous Latin artists and singers with two Grammys and four Latin Grammys, with millions of reproductions being the most-streamed artist in the world on Spotify for two years in a row.

    With his latest disc “Un verano sin ti” everyone is talking about him and players would love an event with a virtual concert and a new skin based on his unique look.

    About the cosmetics, a bag bling with the shape of the hearth which is the cover of the 2022 album will be awesome, and for the pickaxe maybe a large sunflower like the one he had on a red carpet for the Grammy Awards.

    Singer Collaboration
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