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A game with a really good art, well constructed world and interesting mechanics, Lumentale, offers a turn based system, a lot of monster taming features and a really interesting story.

In our opinion, LumenTale is a really story focused game, and the way the game tells the story really hooks you with it.


Discovering the world using your Holoken is the main mechanic overall. You can interact with a lot of things in the world and also talk with NPCs to progress with the story.

The game art is amazing, we have kind of a 2.5D with amazing animated sprites for each of the creatures and the characters in the game.


While you progress in the game, you will notice the rich story this game has. Right now, with the demo, we noticed that they slowly introduce you to the world and you can select your 'starter' with a purpose and a reason behind.

Battle System

Here we have a turn based system where you battle against other creatures in the world. Each creature has an unique type and moveset to attack others. There's also a team based system, where you battle with several creatures against other many creatures (we have seen around 5).


This is delightful, the music really blends with the environment creating a really hooking environment and goes with the rythm of the game/story.

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