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Explore a vast and wonderful world that is filled with magical creatures called kinfolk. Once you start the game, you will create your own character with a specific class.

Gameplay Details

Here we have a big kind of open world exploration, where we can find creatures inside, making a camp that works as a checkpoint, and we have a region filled with mountain, forests and lakes to explore.


There is a branch evolution path that you can choice. There might be special conditions in order to unlock a specific branch, some of them requires you to level up. Depending on what you choose, the creatures that you can unlock will vary.

Battle System

This game has real time battles, where your aiming, movement and strategy skills define if you lose or you win.

You really need to know how to battle, because in this game, your Kinfolk actually dies from defeat. Their soul will materialize so that you can pick it up later.

Guild System

There is a guild in each town you visit in the game. Each of these guilds has a leader and some challengers that you will have to fight against.

Depending on the guild you are, they might ask you to defeat a high ranking member in combat, or to solve a puzzle, or evven testing the strength of character in different ways.

Building Your Guild

There is a mechanic that might be implemented where you can build your own guild to become a leader! You will need to build headquarters, create your insignia and recruit members!


Developers are looking towards creating a really good story in terms of angagonists, character development, morally ambigous decisions and that your decisions directly affect the main story thread.

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