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Digital Tamers Reborn

By DragonRod

One of the most popular fanmade Digimon games. It has more than 200 Digimons available and you can evolve into the one you want!

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Game Description

Keep your partner strong, healthy and it will evolve to the next form so it becomes stronger! while you fight

Mechanics Summary

  • Single Player 1x1 Platform Fighting
  • Over 370 different obtainable Digimon
  • Over 100 challenges to excel and unlock items, secret evolution and more
  • Tamer Skills Available
  • Digital World Exploration

Digimon franchise is really popular and has been iconic for many video game players and anime fans for over two decades. There are many games, toys, manga and series about this franchise, but for indie games, there are just a few. Digital Tamers Reborn is one of the latest and most popular indie games based on this franchise.


This game features a really good 2D graphics, since some of the animations, world and sprites are made by the developer.

Overall, the game captures the essence of any Digimon game, with the world building, evolution mechanics and taking care of your partners as you progress in the game.

This is a non-profit game, but of course we want more games like this, so you can support the developer by donating to the project or requesting a specific Digimon you want to appear in the game.

Game UI

The game UI is so easy to follow, It has clear icons and menus that allow players to navigate through the game features. It also includes a tutorial for gameplay, making sure that even new players can jump in and start playing right away.

Details Related


It's available for both Mobile (Android only) and Desktop (or PC).


This is not available for Tamers Reborn. There are many reasons why, but the developer has officially said that this is not planned to be incorporated as a mechanic in the game at all.


  • Navigate to the official website.
  • Click on Download
  • Select Your Option To Download
  • If you selected Desktop: execute the .exe file. If you selected Mobile, run the app file.
  • Enjoy the game!

How to Install An Update In Tamers Reborn

In case you just need to update the game in desktop or PC, just delete the previous .exe file you had, and replace it with the new one you downloaded. Your save should be fine since it's stored in another location.

To update the game on Android, download the new version and install it over the old application you had installed. Please do not delete the old apk, becase your all progress will be lost!


This is made up of franchise fans who share passion in gaming and Digimon anime. The main center of interaction is through the discord server, where they share things related to the game, anime, or even things in general.

There's also a strong presence on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, since the game has become really popular.

About Developer

An artist and illustrator, that creates stunning digital artwork, DragonRodArt is the person behind Digital Tamers Reborn. He is really active in discord, and tries as much as he can to listen to the community.

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