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Cassette Beasts

By Bytten Studio

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Convert into a monster form to fight against other monsters. While you fight, you can even 'copy' the form of your enemies and get new transformations!

An upcoming indie RPG, this game has a really interesting mechanic that is the most attractive feature: transforming into the creature you fight against.

Going a little further, if things gets complicated, you can even fuse with other cassette beasts and unlock new powerful forms!


In this 2.5D aesthetic game, we are introduced to a world where random beasts appear and using our kind of 'walkman' we can turn into different beastts.

For battling, we have a turn-based system, where we can select the attack to perform and inflict damage to our enemy. Consider that there's a strategy behind, things like action points, health, level and items must be taking into account while battling.

Also, the music and sound effects help to build the immersive and engaging experience.

Resources and World

As you progress, you will notice that you will obtain items and resources that you can use for example to rest, and also you can 'capture' (record) new monsters in order to transform into them.

Creature Collection

As you progress in the game, you will receive 'cassettes' that allow you to transform into various beasts. These might help you solve puzzles, defeat enemies and overall unlock new forms!


Right now, it is really a mystery since we don't know much, but it looks like we have a really interesting world buildling, where we as protagonist, can help others with the quests we get in the game and discover what is the mystery behind this world.

The bosses we have seen are really creepy but we truly believe that the story behind those is going to be really great.

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