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Sell Villagers Using Nookazon Guide (ACNH)

Trade, buy or sell your Animal Crossing New Horizons things, villagers and services

After you’ve played Animal Crossing (ACNH) for a while, you start visiting many islands from your friends in order to get rare items, villagers or other things that you want in your own island. Wouldn't it be great to have a place where you can actually buy or sell these to people that are interested?

Nookazon is the place you’re looking for and here's the guide of how to sell there.

Using Nookazon to Sell

There are many people selling their items, villagers and services through this website in Animal Crossing New Horizons. If you are one looking sell, here’s how to sell in Nookazon:

  1. Create an Account

  2. Search the item you’re looking for

  3. Look for ‘Publish Article’

  4. Set Your Pricing, Amount, Bells and Other

  5. Wait for people to make a push for your listing.

Sell Your Animal Crossing Villagers

One of the most useful features and that people love the most is that you can look for a Villager on the Nookazon Website and buy it from another person according to the requirements they put on their listing. This is causing a controversial topic, because some people do not agree with this method, but most of the players are using it and having fun with it by selling and buying stuff.

Cost of Villagers

The thing is that there’s not anyone that can say: “Hey, Raymond is worth 10000000 Bells… it may be more or less. One advice I want to give you is to please be careful about what you buy, so that you don’t regret it later on.

Now, recall that not everything is about bells... usually people ask for Nook Miles Ticket, and they ask for too many. As we I said previously, be careful because some are just too much.

Using Nookazon to Buy

Basically this works like an auction house and agreements between two players. Be careful when buying, there are some rules on their site that you should follow so that you don’t get into trouble.

Video Tutorials

There are also great videos explaining how to use Nookazon for selling or buying:

Understanding Nookazon

Nookazon is an online tool website that allows Animal Crossing players to reach others in order to trade items, through an agreement that is set on the page. It has a search feature where you can find all the listings available, for you to buy. You can also sell if you want to be part of this process.

Common Questions I’ve Seen Online

Direct Messages to Sellers/Buyers

Remember that this is not an official way to trade items, for that reason you might want to send a message to the buyer or seller in order to communicate any concern, ideas or even deals that you may have. Usually some people try to reach the buyer so late that the item is no longer available, and that was time spent waiting for a listing that does not exist anymore. Try reaching the players as soon as possible, and you’ll increase your chances of getting the item you’re looking for.

Offering Services

As you may have seen, this is not only related to items. You can actually offer services that are tasks that you can do for money, like water flowers, harvest fruit, shooting stars and many others. If you are that kind of person that loves doing this kind of tasks, go for it and offer your services.

Nookazon Tips

  • Always Read Reviews

    Checking other people opinion about a listing, product or owner is always important. Do the same here as you do for the other items you buy online on any other platform. Better reviews means that the chances of having a good buying experience increase.

  • Safe Trades Guide

    Since there's not exactly an official Trade System, the way the trades work here kind of rely on trust. No matter who is the person you're buying or selling to, always be careful. In case you want to read more, you can read the Safe Trade Guide provided by the Nookazon Website.

  • Take Your Time with Pushes

    As in any other Auction Houses, pushes are always something you should manage wisely. Do not despair or get too excited, try always to think if the push you will do, actually makes sense.

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